De Bereklauw, also known as “The Ideas Factory”, is a community that exists for more than 30 years now. People come and go but the owner of the place, Gosse, is always about in his usual busy mode. At this moment some 10 people are living here.

The community is located at Herent, a village nearby the University City of Leuven (Louvain) and close to Brussels.

As to the communities organization, there are no strict rules, so everyone is responsible for his/her own actions, with due respect for the others and for the environment. Diversity is considered enriching in itself and, historically, a lot of different people with various backgrounds passed by and helped to make the Bereklauw what it is today, a very special and unique place.

We have been hosting International Working Camps for the last 15 years (through cooperation with VIA NGO). We have also been hosting long-term EVS(European Voluntary Service) volunteers for 7 years.

De Bereklauw is also member of the Alternative travelers network NAR.