De Bereklauw is located in the Flemish Brabant region of Belgium, about 2km from Leuven, and 25km from Brussels. In case you are hitchiking, notice that we are located close to a an exit (number 17, “Winksele”) on the E314 highway, and also quite close to the E40.

From Leuven it is possible to arrive by foot or bicycle, and the way is quite straightforward (and mostly uphill): from the train station, cross the square and walk on Bondgenotenlaan street until it reaches the center, there you cross another square and take Brusselsestraat, keep walking straight, going out of Leuven until the road goes downhill again and you will pass under a big bridge, just after it turn right just before the Brantano shop, continue with the road and turn left into Bieststraat (the unpaved road, not the paved one). Walk 200 metres and you are here.

Public Transport

From Leuven train station, take bus line 651 (direction Zaventem), 358 (direction Brussel), 352 direction (Kraainem), get off at the stop Diependaal – that is the second stop outside Leuven’s city limits, just after passing under a big bridge. Walk 20 meters back to the shoe shop Brantano, turn left and follow the road until you see a left turn into an unpaved road (street’s name is Bieststraat, don’t confuse it with the paved road just before it). Turn into this road and after 200m you find yourself at the Bereklauw Community.

From Brussels you can simply take a train to Leuven / Louvain (but not to Louvain-la-Neuve which is a different place) and follow the directions above. Alternatively you can take bus line 358 from Brussels North train station, get off at the Diependaal stop, cross the road and continue as described above.

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 Openbaar Vervoer

Vanaf Leuven trein station; neem de lijnbus 651 richting Zaventem, 358 richting Brussel, 352 richting Kraainem, stap uit op de halte diependaal. Loop dan naar de schoenenwinkel brantano, en neem de weg links naar beneden, volg deze en neem dan weer de eerstvolgende weg links, het ruwe pad naast de ingang van de fabriek. Dan is het nog 200meter voor u op de Bereklauw Gemeenschap arriveert.

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