Boundless Art

Since 2003 the Antwerp V.I.A. also organises a Boundless Art Camp at De Bereklauw aimed at underpriviledged youngsters from countries like Greece, Ireland, France, Hongary, Bulgaria and Roumenia as wel as for local youngsters appointed by a juvenal penal court. These artistic camps are being led by professionals from those countries. In this way youngsters can receive artistic incentives, but most of all it’s a challenge for them to collaborate bridging all language and regional barriers.

For the last two years these youngsters have worked on a theatrical play as an apotheosis of two weeks of living together. These plays have been recorded on DVD.

Furthermore the multi-cultural shelter and crisis centre FABOTA for underpriviledged children are invited each year to join the Boundless Art team in bringing a play or play or exchange games from all over the world. The Esperanto message from these occasions may be clear.

Theater Boundless Art 2005

Boundless Art III – report by participant Anna Tzvetkova

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