Stay at De Bereklauw through Helpx or Wwoof.

De Bereklauw is now a proud member of helpexchange and Wwoof, the international networks for people looking for a work-for-stay location.

Here is a list of what De Bereklauw has to offer:

*living space with two kitchens (indoor and outdoor), living space, bathrooms, bread oven.
*meadow/open terrain with infrastructure for cultural events (stage, bar, barbecue area, tents, fireplace, compost toilets…).
*vegetable and fruit gardens (greenhouses), relaxing garden.
*work-rooms (suitable for working with wood, metal, electricity, painting, blacksmith’s, welding, garage,)  with plenty of materials and tools for crafts and art creations.
*artistic/hobbyist/social recycling with extensive storage of all kinds of re-usable materials
internet facilities.
*languages spoken: Dutch, English, French,( plus others depending on people on the grounds).
*we provide food (vegetarian or non-vegetarian), room or caravan to sleep (please contact us concerning availability or bring a tent to be sure).

In general De Bereklauw and its people are involved in a very wide range of socio-cultural and ecological activities and will always welcome an extra pair of hands. More specifically De Bereklauw could use some  help with

* gardening
* cleaning/maintenance
* cooking
* taking care of animals (we have goats, chickens, ducks, gooses, pig, dogs, cats, pigeons, peacocks…)
* cutting wood
* re-organizing of stored re-usable material
* decorating with art creations
* last but not least:  bringing positive energy, making music and dance!

With our strong interest in community building and strengthening social coherence we might add that besides individuals looking to blend in, families and groups able to give their own incentives are also very welcome!

We are looking forward to your visit!