Since 1993 De Bereklauw has been an approved location for the international working camps by organised by V.I.A., de Flemish department of Service Civil International.

On these working camps most of the available time, when not doing practical work that is, is being spent on trying to understand the events and structures that lead up to the working camp.

A camp like this, with its mixture of ‘unknown’ people, all having different backgrounds; social, ethnical, national and/or religious, is a challenge on its own. Keeping an open attitude and being able to partake in a process of growth theoretically, is a piece of cake. In reality you never know how it will turn out.

Experiences of camp participants will therefor differ largely. Most of them will return with positive memories. The V.I.A. organisation however does not want to put down their rules for a perfect community. What they will attempt is making people think and enabling them perhaps to translate their experiences to their own lives, their (un)employment and their own communities for study or cohabitation. Only in this way we can ever hope to accomplish some positive changes in the way we live together.

De Bereklauw is proud and grateful to be able to partake in the V.I.A. process and to contribute what little we have to offer for a better world.

In 2008 De Bereklauw accompanied its fifthteenth international working camp. We had girls coming over from Serbia, Tchechia, Russia and Sweden, joined by young men from Italy, Belgium and Germany. Every camp has about 15 international volunteers. In that way some 200 youngsters from all over Europe, Asia, the U.S. and Africa have put Herent on the map of the world.


* VIA vzw
* Service Civil International
* International Cultural Youth Exchange